Glassman Europe

Parent company:
Glassman High Voltage Incorporated established in 1977 in New Jersey USA

Glassman Japan
established in 1988

Glassman Europe
established in the UK in 1989

About Glassman Europe Ltd
Glassman Europe Ltd was established in 1989 by its parent company Glassman High Voltage Incorporated, in order to support a growing worldwide customer base, having already established Glassman Japan during the previous year.

Glassman Europe Ltd offers full technical sales and application support throughout Europe, either directly from the Glassman Europe office (UK) or through our considerable network of local distributors across the European Continent. Our UK based service facility offers wide ranging expertise in support of our comprehensive range of products, including...

  • Programmable dc power supplies
  • High voltage dc power supplies
  • High voltage relays
  • Dividers
  • Cable and connector assemblies
  • High voltage pulsers

Glassman are immensely proud of a Worldwide industry reputation for high standards. We have many years experience of challenging and often hazardous customer applications, where product reliability is paramount and our customer service, both technical and logistical, has proven time after time, to be second to none within the power supply industry.

Glassman Europe Ltd • 21 Campbell Court • Campbell Road • Bramley • Hampshire RG26 5EG
Tel: 01256 883007 • Fax 01256 883017 • E-mail:
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