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Programmable power supplies to 1000VDC

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High Voltage Cable & Connector Assemblies

Glassman Europe Ltd offers a wide ranging portfolio of high reliability products.

All of our Regulated High Voltage dc Power Supplies from Glassman High voltage Incorporated, employ high frequency switching techniques and use air as their primary dielectric medium. The Glassman pioneered air insulation techniques, result in highly reliable, lightweight and serviceable products. Whereas many of our competitors use less serviceable and often cumbersome oil or solid encapsulation. Our standard products range from 0-1kV through 0-500kV with up to 100kW of output power.

Our Low Voltage/High Current dc Power Supplies, which are specific to Glassman Europe Ltd, employ state-of-the art switching technology and represent a formidable and versatile compliment to our high voltage power supply range. Available in voltage ranges from 0-6Vdc through 0-1000Vdc, with Analogue, RS232 or GPIB programming interfaces.

Exclusive (UK) Principles:

  • Ross Engineering Corporation Who over the past 40 years have become a world leading authority in the often complex field of high voltage control and measurement devices, offer high voltage relays to 300kV and high voltage dividers to 1000kV, together with many other specialist devices.
  • Caton Connector Corporation Established in 1973, Caton are a leading specialist in high voltage corona-free connectors and cable assemblies, offering both standard and bespoke solutions for most applications.
  • Lumina Power Inc. bring over 25 years of cumulative design experience to their range of Diode Laser Drivers, Xenon Arc Lamp supplies and High Voltage Capacitor Chargers.

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